2012 Youth Art Competition

2012 FPA YAC at O.L. Galeria award winners and their families

2012 Youth Art Competition was held on April 1st.

Friends of Polish Art 75th Anniversary

Over your 75 year history, your FPA Club has enriched its community and added luster to the ACPC reputation with multi-faceted cultural and social activities, which include art, education, music, poetry, history, literature, genealogy and philosophy. The accomplishments of the Friends of Polish Art are too numerous to mention. The American Council for Polish Culture is proud to count the Friends of Polish Art as their long-standing and active affiliate. On the occasion of your 75th Anniversary, we wish you continued success and God’s Blessings as you continue to foster an interest in our rich Polish cultural heritage and spread an awareness of the accomplishments of Poles and Polish-Americans. [Read more…]